We didn’t want it to ever end, but sadly today is the last day.  Jun Jo, VAST’s creative director, missed his flight yesterday, and is the first one our today, leaving around 430am to catch his 7am flight back to Oahu.  The rest of us slept in , not wanting to get up and face the finale of the VAST 2018 West Coast Moto Trip.

There was so much prep work for everyone leading up to the trip.  The mad dash for Brawny Built and The Speed Merchant to build our Speedy.  Veedub Day Spa giving the Syncro an extra bedroom upstair and Simplicity in Sound jamming away to give us a cranking Arc Audio stereo system.  Prato Motorwerkes with the last minute overheating trouble shooting and fix. 7 Till 8 hand screening our custom wetsuits for the cold Central Coast waters.  FireWire Surfboards overnighting the quivers for all the surfers. Each of the crew arranging logistic, finishing up personal and work stuff before meeting up for the trip.  Last minute shopping and packing. And now it’s done. So surreal...

Today wasn’t very exciting.  It was just mostly wrapping things up and saying goodbye.  The winds picked up again with overcast skies, so we decided to pack it up instead of trying to surf choppy sloppy waves, and headed for VAST HQ to unload.  We dropped off the pick up and the bike, then just took the Syncro and our Brand Director, Soph’s personal car to head black up North again to bring Brian Filoteo, trip photographer, back to Ventura.  

We first had a super late lunch at Brian’s ramen spot.  Being extremely hungry we devoured the delicious and savory bowls.  It felt good to have the tame warm up our bodies. I felt so relaxed and sleepy after eating, but it was still a hour and a half drive back.

We tried to say goodbye but ended up walking the Camarillo outlets today.  We tried to say goodbye again and ended up getting some coffee and sweet pretzels.  Finally, we have each other bro-hugs and bed farewell. The trip is over.

I sit at home now as I type this, looking at photos and videos, and reminiscing the trip.  I’m definitely feeling a bit melancholy, but I’m mostly grateful for having been a part it.  These trips are always fun and memorable, but what makes them special is the effort individual have put in to make this happen, the company we are with during the trip, and the things we all do together.  

Thank you everyone who made this Moto Trip possible.  Until next time. Yieewww~~  Daily diaries by Vast founder Sam Yang