Meet Macy Mullen

GOPR1887_2836 Meet Macy Mullen, the first and finest member of team VAST, Hawaii. We got the opportunity to meet the local legend for the first time while on the surf trip in Hawaii, thanks to Jun Jo. Since early May of this year, Macy has done nothing but support the brand and we are honored to have him be a part of the VAST family! Where did your love for surf come from? My Dad. He taught us the love for the ocean at a young age. What is your first surf memory? My first surf memory has to be when I was like 7/8 yrs old and my dad tried to teach us to surf in California and we had no wetsuits. I was this stick kid, blue and shaking like a leaf, thinking no way! I'm over this... good thing we moved to Hawaii! What’s your home break? Barbers Point & Rocky Point What board do you ride? Pesce surfboards How has surfing influenced your daily life? Majorly! It's all I think about. Next to my family... When not surfing, what are you doing? I’ve become a super daddy! What's been your biggest achievement? My kids! Tell us why you chose to be on VAST’s team? Our common bond. Which is the stoke of surfing and the joy it brings to others! What does the term VAST mean to you? Vast = wide range or plenty. Like Vastlife = life of a wide range, not narrow minded. You’ll soon be heading on a surf/camping trip to Taiwan with VAST. What are you most looking forward to and what do you hope to get out of this trip? This trip means the world to me. Firstly because I am Taiwanese! It'll give me a chance to get back to my roots and learn more about the culture and my ethnicity. Also really excited to surf new waves and meet another surf culture! in4mation05032014_045_web HALIEWA SURFING-9 PIPELINE-17 MACY AIR