Soph's Favorite Surf Spots

We figured it was about time we asked our Graphic Designer, Sophea to share his favorite surf spots… #1 Surfrider Beach - The Perfect Wave: 


Surfrider Beach (Malibu, CA) is number 1 surf spot on Sop's list. This beach is not only the place where surfing was popularized in California, but also a classic surfer movie spot. Since the 1950's this spot is where longboards have dominated the lineup. Originally surfed in the 1920s, Surfrider is a diverse wave consisting of a long, slow break on the inside (1st point) and a fast peaked wave on the outside (3rd point). This "surf-only" location is usually populated by a mix of locals and folks visiting from abroad. #2 San Onofre - Friendly Vibe and great for longboarding:


San Onofre (San Clemente, CA) is an exposed beach featuring 3.5 miles of sandy beaches and point break with consistent surf. This beach tends to be quite crowded in summer,  but has the optimum conditions for surfing, with ideal winds from the east and northeast. Since the 1940's, if not before, the beach has been visited by surfers using redwood boards. Among these surfers, Don Okey, Tom Wilson, Lorrin "Whitey" Harrison, Al Dowden, and Bob Simmons, have been also checking out the waves at the San Onofre beach. #3 Maria's - Paradise:


Located on the West coast of Puerto Rico, Maria's (Rincon, Puerto Rico) is in the heart of the Rincon surfing and beach culture.  This location has been a well known surf spot since the 1968 Surfing Championships were held here. The best part is that the weather is friendly almost all year round, but on the other hand you might find rocks and reef on the bottom of the ocean from time to time. Breaks best with northwest or east winds and northwest swell. Maria's is also part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve and it is also an excellent place to snorkel when there is light surf.  Other beach activities also include volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, horseback riding, fishing and parasailing.