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Dedicated to improving the surfer's journey, VAST created SURFLOCK ™ which allows you to use your device while venturing through the elements. Shoot photos/videos, log GPS, or access just about anything on your device while in the water (up to 10ft (3m) from water surface), around sand, dirt, snow. SURFLOCK™ fits in most pockets and can be anchored into the VAST Board Short collection. -

-SURFLOCK™ Window Allows Touch Access to Your Phone

- Shoot Photos & Videos - Check Emails & Texts Messages

- Use Most Apps

- iPhone and Android Device Compatible


Outer Edge: Nylon coating

TPU Window: TPU Construction:

SURFLOCK™ is constructed using a high frequency welding technique to insure watertight seal protection. Care instruction: Assure that zip closures are sealed to prevent water from entering into the pouch.


The SURFLOCK board short style comes with a water-proof pouch system that allows you to wear your phone while surfing and is currently tested to perform to a depth of up to 3 meters.


Our VAST gripper feature consist of silicone tapes placed on the inside of the waistband that ensure that the boardshort adhese to your body under wet conditions.

VAST 360

Our VAST 360 product line is the name given to our fully fused seam styles which are entirely constructed using welded seams. The VAST 360 boardshorts are tear strength tested and provide great comfort.