Our friends Alex Pendleton (rider) and Wula Wu (filmer) flew in from Hawaii and Taiwan three days before the trip.  Sophea Khen, aka Soph, (brand director) took them surfing and sightseeing in LA, but we all met up and stayed in Venice the night before.  We left from Venice in the morning and headed towards Ventura to pick up Brian Filoteo (photographer). The ride up the PCH was surreal. “Is this really happening already.”  After picking up Brian grabbed Soph’s freshly repaired long board from [insert shapers name]. Some fish tacos were on the menu for lunch, after which we started our ride up Highway 33.  

Brian took us to Rose Valley Falls, just off of Highway 33.  Last year the forrest fires charred the land scape so we didn’t know what to expect.  Riding into the park, we see the blackened trees and areas where the land fell away after heavy rains.  It felt out of this world. However, as we walked and looked closely, life is growing again. Apparently when pine tree get burned, the pine cones open up and drop seeds.  In nature, when one life ends, it prepares to give life to another. It was inspiring to witness this phenomenon.

After this, we needed to make a dash to Fresno.  It was the first day and we’re still trying to figure the tempo of things—and learned we need to give ourselves a bit more time.  It took us a total of 12 hours to get from Venice to Fresno. The bike ran out of gas 2 times along the way, and by the time we made it to the Airbnb, everyone’s mojo was spent.  We ate a late dinner and everyone just crashed.