Inside Jason Kashiwai's Surfing Mecca

Shaper-10 While on our trip to Oahu, Hawaii, Jun from In4mation took us to meet his close friend and surfboard shaper, Jason Kashiwai. After 20 years at mastering his craft, Jason is still committed to shaping boards by hand, however his large operation also produces some of the most well respected boards, using a shaping machine that functions with such precision. This shaping mecca supplies stores all around the United States and the high demand in Japan keeps the business very busy. While all this is going on, Jason also has a guest "shaping" room at his facility that welcomes shapers from all around the globe. Take a look inside Mr. Kashiwai's impressive operation... Shaper-1 Shaper-2 Shaper-8 Shaper-12 Shaper-14 Shaper-15 Shaper-18 Shaper-23 Shaper-25 Shaper-26 Shaper-27 Shaper-28 Shaper-29