Taiwan Tour 2014: Kenting

After an early morning session in Taitung, we continued to drive south, towards Kenting. Kenting would make for the southern most part of our trip through Taiwan, all while making for some of the best surf of the week. KentingDayOne-11 Arriving in Kenting late,  we spent the first part of the night at the go-kart tracks. Wes essentially dominated the competition, but it made for some incredible fun either way. KentingDayOne-21 KentingDayOne-23 We closed out our first evening in Kenting at the local night market, checking into The Afei (a local surf hotel) after that. On our second day in Kenting, we were up bright and early, for what was one of the best surf of our time in Taiwan so far. KentingDaytwo-11 KentingDaytwo-12 KentingDaytwo-16 KentingDaytwo-17 KentingDaytwo-18 KentingDaytwo-21 KentingDaytwo-26 KentingDaytwo-33 After lunch, we went to a local break in downtown Kenting where we surfed as a team. The break itself was rather mellow so almost everyone who had joined us on the trip was able to get in the water. KentingDaytwo-65 KentingDaytwo-76 After a long day in the water, at more than one break, we rounded out the second night in Kenting with dinner, another fire, and fireworks. KentingDaytwo-84 KentingDaytwo-87