Taiwan Tour 2014: Taipei

Our tour of Taiwan kicked off in a major way today. We started the trip off with a whirlwind bus tour of Taipei and its major attractions. We began the day at the Mengjia Longshan Temple, in the Wanhua District. Built in 1738, the Temple is actually one of the oldest in the city. 10390900_986294878052316_1399374988141122324_n Next up, we hit the legendary Din Tai Fung Dumpling House and filled our bellies with Xialongbao, as well as an assortment of other steamed dumplings and local dishes. DSC04107 After lunch, we wandered around checking out other local landmarks, before heading to the Taipei 101 building. At 509 meters, the Taipei 101 building is the second tallest building in the world. 2 We eventually made it over to the Da'an district, which features an array of shops from brands like Stussy, Empty Canvas, Juice, Joyrich, Fruition and many more. DSC04448 After shopping, we ended the day at the Raohe Street Night Market; filling our bellies (again) with every type of local food and drink we could find, before eventually ending the night dreaming of surf. DSC04549 Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow, as we embark to Yilan County for day two. You can follow our Tour of Taiwan, just check out this post highlighting where we'll be each day.