Taiwan Tour 2014: Yilan

The group woke up early Tuesday morning and headed south to Yilan. Yilan is a beautiful, coastal region in Northeastern Taiwan, with a few breaks, and a rapidly growing surf scene. After checking out the regional surf, we journeyed to another local eatery where we enjoyed a delicious meal and a few well deserved beers. Eventually, the group closed out another long day at the Yilan Night Market. Day three of the VAST Tour of Taiwan is up tomorrow and we're headed to Taitung. Until then, check out some photos from our day in Yilan. DSC04728 DSC04752 Yilan-35 Yilan-30 Yilan-27 Yilan-19 Yilan-6 Yilan-17 Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow, as we embark to Taitung. You can follow our Tour of Taiwan, just check out this post highlighting where we'll be each day.