VAST X In4mation

JUN SURF VAST together with iconic surf/skate brand, In4mation, present their first collaboration together, the VAST X In4mation boardshorts. These highly anticipated boardshorts, were designed by Jun Jo and Keith Kanagusuku of In4mation. They were inspired to create high-quality boardshorts that felt classy, but also had the level of functionality that is required for performance. The VAST X In4mation collaboration is designed to look good, but also work exceptionally well. The fabric gives the garment a soft hand, yet the construction is designed to take a beating. The 9-inch VAST X In4mation feature organic weaved checkered pattern print; velcro closure, saddle piecing and are finished off with a stamped logo leather patch. VAST and In4mation met over this past weekend in Oahu, Hawaii, the island between both the mainland of the US and Taiwan, to celebrate their newly formed relationship. Camping out on the beach and catching great waves all around Oahu, they formed a great relationship, despite the language barrier, “Surfers have this unexplainable bond. Perfect strangers, who speak different languages are able to form relationships through their common love for surfing, without even having to say a word – Witnessing this on the In4mation X VAST camping trip is a true testament to the universal language of surf.” – Jun Jo, In4mation. The In4mation X VAST boardshorts are now available on SHORTS IN4M PATCH WALKING PATH BEACH MACY MACY AIR TOP TURN SHOWER VW BUS