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The at-home board storage unit you'e been waiting for...

Our friends at Old Pipe have succeeded in creating a home surf rack that provides stability in structure while maintaining a clean aesthetic profile.

Built to last


Hinoki wood had been regarded as highly valuable interior material and building material for a long time in Japan. Hinoki wood is beautiful for having fine wood grains and white barks with a slight tint of red. Also, this wood is popular for being moderately hard and easy to be processed, and since the average growing period of Hinoki trees is longer than other conifers, the Hinoki wood is expensive when used as a building material. Its durability has been proven since it had been used in constructions of temples and shrines.

Other reasons for the popularity of Hinoki wood are its distinctive fragrance, its resistance against mold, and its resistance against insects. It is also highly durable against moisture, and so it has been used for bathtubs.



Minimalist board storage at its finest, designed to hold well-loved boards inside homes of all sizes. 

The embedded design enhances stability in structure while maintaining a clean and sleek exterior.



Designed to mimic cradling a beloved surfboard with both hands, providing safety and reassurance. Versatile for various board shapes, including round tails, square tails, fish tails, etc.



Featuring a 3:1 perforation design, it caters to the practical needs of surfers. Less frequently used boards can be stored together, while regularly used ones, when equipped with fins, can be individually placed.

"The vertical rack for surfboards, when adorned with a surfboard, resembles a rocket launch pad, ready at any moment for the next water-spraying adventure in the waves."

- Old Pipe, on the naming of The Launcher

    2 products


    Standard (73 cm): 73 x 65 x 128 cm (28.7 x 25.6 x 50.4 inches)

    Deluxe (103 cm): 103 x 65 x 128 cm (40.5 x 25.6 x 50.4 inches)

    Standard (73 cm): 7.6 kg = 16.8 lbs
    Deluxe (103 cm): 9.4 kg = 20.7 lbs

    All tools needed are included in kit. A rubber mallet may be helpful in set-up process.

    Returns are offered for defective or unassembled racks. We cannot accept returns on assembled racks.

    Vast. will cover return shipping costs for any defective racks.

    Founder of Old Pipe, A-Song is a surfer and good friend of VAST.  Their main product line is custom motorcycle surfboard racks.  We met A-Song when we were building our custom Yamaha SR’s many years back.  A-Song built racks for our bikes, and then decided to come with us for the roadtrip around Taiwan.  Since then we have remain great friends, built more bikes together, and gone on many more road trips together.  

    Old-Pipe released their Launcher board rack a couple years back.  We love the over engineered and beautifully designed rack using exotic Japanese Hinoki wood, and wanted to offer this for our US customers.