About VAST

As a lifestyle brand founded in Los Angeles, California with global connections to bustling coastal hubs across the globe, Vast is committed
to the concept of discovery, but rarely ventures too far from a bustling metropolis. We live in the city, and we hold down a job, but when the forecast lights up, we’ll grab our passport and boardbag at a moment’s notice and always manage to make it back to the office for the work week. When planning for our next trip, we place an equal emphasis on swell charts as we do sniffing out the hippest new restaurant in a nearby cityscape.

We’ve always embraced the future, but we’ll never lose sight of our past. We can order you a drink in Taiwanese, English, French, and butchered Spanish and the sound of shifting gears and distant set waves still makes us smile. We’re not afraid to speak for our love of great cities that boast perfect lineups, and we know the bartenders in coastal hubs from San Sebastian to Tokyo a little too well. We’ve built our aesthetic on the people, places, and cultures we’ve come to love. We thrive on new ideas and collaboration and we welcome you to join us on our journey.