About VAST

As a lifestyle brand founded in Los Angeles, California with global connections to Hawaii and Asia, Vast is committed to spreading good vibes, finding empty peaks, and celebrating the bounty of life in its many forms. We’re surfers, first and foremost, but we’re also much more. In our hearts, we’re explorers. We can be found in distant locales hunting the remnants of an off-season swell and we’re equally comfortable in the streets of Los Angeles as we are a back alley in Taipei. We’ve built our aesthetic on the people, places, and cultures we’ve come to love. We thrive on new ideas and collaboration. Because if there’s one thing we’ve found to be true, it’s that the best moments in life—whether it be a perfect sunrise session with one of your best friends or sharing a beer with a stranger at a far-flung pub—happen with other peoples.

Join us on our journey.