We woke refreshed!  Muscles still a bit sore from the 12hr bike ride the day before, but everyone was eager to get going again.  Today we will make it to San Francisco, try to find some surf, and pick up Jun Jo (creative director) who’s flying in from Hawaii.

We decided on some refreshing and energizing Acai bowls for breakfast near Fresno State University and then got on the road towards SF.  Today we knew better when to refuel, take breaks, and figure out how long it would take for us to get from point A to point B. Luckily, no one ran out of gas today!  

Passing through Milpitas we visited our friends at Simplicity in Sound who refreshed the Sycnro’s interior and gave her a custom stereo system, for those nights of bonfire and camp site parties!  The owner, Bing Xu, told us about some nice scenic roads to take to SF (and avoid that Bay Area traffic) which definitely helped us save some time. On the way, we kept checking the surf reports, but the wind seemed a bit out of control.  Our best bet would probably be Pacific Beach where it’s some what protected by the cove and bluffs. Luckily, we guess right!

For dinner, Brian took us to his go-to SF burger spot, Box Kitchen.  It was good! We now sit, waiting to pick up Jun Jo from San Fransisco international, savoring the flavors, and day dreaming tomorrow’s waves.