Today we will head to Schooner’s Landing, in Mendocino, CA.  Mendocino is not known for surf, but we’re here on a different mission.  I’ve been diving here for abalone with the Ocean Safari crew for years, but last year the abalone started starving and dying because ocean temperature on the rise meant the abalone’s main food source, kelp, was dying off.  Not only abalone are affected, but a lot of other sea life dependent on this eco-system are suffering as well. Gabriella, park keep at Schooner’s Landing, has some ideas to help the kelp grow back and I’ve brought the crew here to take part and give back to the ocean we love so much.  

Before leaving SF we had a few house keeping things to do.  The Harley with her freshly build 1200cc engine reached a bit over 500 miles and needed the first oil change.  After draining and re-filling with new engine oil, we found a replace to recycle the old oil, then went shopping for some camping supplies we would be needing at Schooner’s Landing.  Before leaving SF we had to check the surf though. Winds were still up so we went back to Pacifica again where we found that surf was up, but walled-out. Tempted to get wet, we decided that it would be a better idea to get an early start on the next leg of the trip so we could enjoy more time at Schooner’s Landing.

Along the way we rode through amazing scenery.  There were yellow-green rolling hills as far as the eye can see, set with a beautiful bight-blue back drop.  As we get near the coast a couple hours later, we see the beautiful redwood forrest I had been anticipating. Over the years, I’ve driven this route maybe a couple dozen time, but it was the first time on a bike.  The giants and surroundings seemed even more beautiful and majestic.

Following the red woods, they eventually lead us to the coastline, and soon after that we arrive at Schooner’s Landing.  The Ocean Safari crew greeted us, we also met Gabriella and talked about her mission to save the kelp, then we made camp and vibes out to the incredible natural surroundings.  No surf today, but no complaints.