Today we leave beauty Albion River and start heading south.  From here on we hit surf spots until we reach LA.  Our first top will be Santa Cruz.  We wake early to break camp, and leave enough time hangout a bit with the Ocean Safari group.  We pack quietly and it’s apparent we are reluctant to leave this enchanting place.  


Before we left, we wanted to give our friend, Schooner’s Landing’s park keeper, Gabriella, a gift.  We felt a sweater from or “Nature Always Wins” collection was more than cotton.  After a group photo, we’re on our way.

First stop was actually just a few feet out of the park.  We pulled over to get some drone aerials of the river and cove.  We thought perhaps from the sky we can find some lingering patches of kelp, but sadly that was not the case.  We flew two drone until the batteries we almost drained, and the rocky bottoms showed no kelp.  I truly wish this is not a lasting situation and can’t stopping thinking about how we can share and help to raise awareness for this crisis.


From there we left Albion River and shot straight for Santa Cruz, stopping only for gas and bathroom breaks, hoping that we get there early enough to find some late afternoon glass-offs.  It took us about 5 hours to get to Santa Cruz but by the time we arrived at the Airbnb, our bodies were exhausted, and the surf report didn’t look promising either.  Instead we took some time to organize our things, charge batteries, and catch up on some emails.  


After we all had a chance to freshen up, we walked to a nearby taqueria for our mini Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Stuff full of tacos, burritos, and nachos, we casually stroll back to the Airbnb.  Tonight we rest our bodies, dream of the ocean, and hopefully tomorrow morning we’ll find some surf!