Santa Cruz greeted us with a beautiful morning, blue skies and white clouds.  Unfortunately the surf report didn’t look promising but we thought we’d still try to find some surf.  Brian, our photographer, wanted to show us special landmark, Shark Fin Cove, so we decided to head that way and the beaches along the way.  The ride along the PCH was amazing, just a bit windy and chilly.

Arriving at Shark Fin Cove we instantly understood why it got this name.  There is a large rock feature in the middle of the cove that looked just a shark’s fin.  We admired the view from the bluff and snapped a bunch of photos, and even took our van and bike on the dirt road for a quick photo session.  

From there we rode north and check out Waddel’s Beach.  When we arrived, the parking lot was pretty full. There was lots of beach goers and even a couple long boarders in the water.  The knee high waves were very blown but there were a couple kite surfers having a good time. We spotted a green Vanagon also with a North American Hightop conversion and decided to park next to it as we contemplated if it was worth it to paddle out.  As we wait, the owner of the Vanagon came back and after chatting for a bit, we found out he is the owner for Bus Lab. The van community is so small and tight, but I never would have imaged we’d randomly bump into the owner of a well-known van specialty shop.  We exchanged stickers and learned that the Bus Lab will be revamping their website with more products for these vans we are all so passionate about. Sadly, no surf today, we still scored.

We decided to get a bite to eat nearby, then went back to our Airbnb to gather our gear and make an early start to Big Sur.  Along the way, we rode by some beautiful marshlands, then back on the highway. Passing by Monterey I thought back to last year and we came through here with our RWB 964.  Time really flies!

A short ride later we arrive at our home for the next 2 nights, Pfeiffer Big Sur Camp Ground.  Along the way we rode along the coastline and saw that the wind was still blowing without much swell.  So instead of checking for surf, we went to nearby Pfeiffer Beach to see Key Hole Rock and snap some sunset photos.  We were happily surprise to see a ridable wave but it was too late to go get the boards. We’ll be back at first light to get some rides.

Now we sit by the camp fire, the boys vibing as I type up this diary entry.  This trip is going by quick, just 6 more days left. Fingers crossed for some waves, but nevertheless, we will have an epic time.  Itching for some weaves though…just saying :)