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Sustainable Boardshorts


Explore our Sustainable Boardshorts, expertly crafted from recycled plastic fabrics. Perfect for both water sports and casual land use, these eco friendly boardshorts are designed to be moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and durable. Embrace your aquatic adventures and shore-time activities with style and comfort, while supporting environmental sustainability.

Recycled. Redefined.


Made with recycled plastics, these sustainable boardshorts deliver the extra flexibility, quick-drying properties, and durability you need with a reduced environmental footprint.

eco friendly boardshorts wearing surfer with board near beach
sustainable boardshorts wearing surfer changing by car after surf
Zero Chafing, Zero Limits


Say goodbye to irritation and hello to all-day comfort. The anti-cling, anti-rash fabric and moisture-wicking technology of our eco friendly boardshorts keep you focused on the ride, not discomfort.

Stretch your boundaries


Experience unrestricted movement that empowers your surfing. The flexible fabric of our sustainable boardshorts bends and flows with you, ensuring every maneuver feels effortless.

sustainable boardshorts wearing surfer performing turn on crest of wave
sustainable boardshorts wearing surfer walking over walks towards beach
sustainable boardshorts wearing surfer walking out of ocean
Durable and Practical


Our eco boardshorts aren't just good for the planet; they're also made to withstand the elements. Moisture-wicking technology and robust materials keep you comfortable and your boardshorts in top condition, even with frequent use in harsh environments.


Our commitment to sustainability meets the thrill of the waves with our Sustainable Boardshorts collection. Expertly crafted from recycled plastic, these boardshorts prioritize both performance and the planet. Experience superior comfort, freedom of movement, and feel guilt-free knowing you're making an eco-conscious fashion statement in or out of the water.


Our Sustainable Boardshorts are made with recovered plastics and a quick drying PVC-free water repellant treatment,
redefining eco-friendly, high
performance swimwear.

Yes! Although our eco friendly recycled plastic boardshort fabrics are extremely durable, we still recommend washing them in a cold water wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent to optimally maintain their look and performance over many years.

Yes, our eco-friendly boardshorts are carefully crafted with polyester and spandex blends for optimal 4-way stretch that ensures flexibilty in any situation.